Conversation Engagement Platform

At uTu we fundamentally believe you can’t be truly engaging in a conversation until you understand not only what was said, but who said it and in the context of when and where. We term this Emotional Intelligence and are proving it’s the secret sauce to delivering users the most valuable conversational content at the right time.

Protect your data

uTu’s platform locks down your data. We isolate your data from upstream platforms and encode and aggregate it before ever exposing to a third party. You can trust your data with uTu.

Unmatched Horsepower

Consumers have zero tolerance for latency. There’s a lot of tech that is touched along the way from a request to a response – if your response is worth something that is. uTu’s Conversation Engagement Platform has been built from the ground up to handle the massive scale requirements of global enterprises. We are built on the same architecture as one of the greatest scaling successes stories ever, Pokemon Go – we will speed test against anyone!

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