Can you recognize your fans? customers? visitors?

Ever have that awkward moment in a conversation when you forget the name of someone you should know? Delivering a conversational experience where you can’t identify the other party is a lot like that. Guess work at best. The first ingredient of an engaging conversation is knowing the identity with whom you speak!

Data Graph

As in real life, being a great communicator starts with the ability to be a good listener. uTu is a sponge. We collect everything we can about the dialogs – we capture data from voice, messaging, chat, and even digital channels.

Identity Resolution

Data itself is useless. It needs to be contextualized around time, place, and person to yield value. uTu’s identity engine is purpose built for combining all your conversational sources into a consolidated view of a user.

Layer Cake

Everybody loves cake! uTu creates a unique, detailed representation of your users. By layering proprietary uTu data sets together with important intel from other sources we set up for a whole new range of insights.

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