Unified Customer View

Too many channels, too little time. Wherever you engage with your customers, our CDP captures how they respond. Everything the AI understands comes from this customer knowledge.


Customer Journey

How long does it take a prospect to sign-up, purchase or convert? What influences their purchase behavior? Our CDP reveals both the sequence and cadence of every touchpoint along the customer journey.


Data Security
and Ownership

As consumers ourselves, we know how important it is to have our data secured at all times. We endeavor to maintain the highest level security possible with your data both during transmission and while at rest. To accomplish this we employ a number of state-of-the art techniques.


Attribute Generation

Attribute generation is a powerful feature that results from our integration of customer data and Artificial Intelligence. While making observations about underlying data, new attributes are created in the CDP and dynamically applied without the need for developers or modifying feeds. These new insights often make the difference to AI performance while enriching your customers’ profiles.


Rapid Onboarding

Get up and running in minutes! We have an expansive library of marketing stack connectors that makes it fast and easy to connect your first and third party data sources.


Need for Speed

For AI to work, you need speed. Engage with your customers as soon as you see them in any channel. Our cutting edge architecture is proven at scale to deliver results in milliseconds.


Future Proof

Built by marketers for marketers who have the vision to consider future sources of known customer data both structured and unstructured, like conversant or IOT streams. The CDP is architected to be entirely interoperable with all types of data shared with you by your customers and can also be enriched by third-party data sets.