Bring Your Own
Algorithm (BYOA)

We are cutting edge in model management for marketing. Our AI studio handles everything from versioning to performance and takes over the time consuming process of managing your AI. For BYOA to be practical, it needs to be fast and easy. Take advantage of the seamless connection between the CDP and AI studio to deploy and train your models.


Measure Twice,
Code Once

Achieving the same performance from a model in production as you do in training is difficult. Our AI Studio, coupled with our CDP, eliminates this pain. In our environment, the AI trains the AI (yes, you read that right) and selects the best possible features and associated encodings (a.k.a. pipeline or preprocessor) to be used across both training and production.



As the model produces insights, the potential value is lost until the model is brought offline and manually retrained. We’ve automated this process - in production. As new data becomes available, the AI Studio evaluates how it could help achieve your goal (e.g., maximize LTV) and updates itself accordingly.