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The Customer Journey Starts with the Data.

One powerful platform to manage the volume and velocity of customer data at scale. Create tailored models in our AI Studio to unlock unrealized value.

AI for Marketers by Marketers

The only marketing platform that provides you with a complete customer knowledge ecosystem


Match, merge and enhance all known data: CRM, chat, voice logs, IOT streams and more, in real time at scale. Understanding a customer's journeys start with understanding their behavior across all engagement channels


Rapidly train and deploy customized, performant models on our secure, highly scalable architecture. Focus on performance while we automate things like model management and integrated data

“ understands that in order to get real customer insights today you have to apply AI. With so much data from so many different sources we need to be able to truly understand the behavior of our clients’ customers. makes it easy to get up and running, and to begin developing real-time insights we can’t get from other vendors.”

- Jeff Hastedt, Principal Brkthru Digital

Insights Within Hours


When building a predictive model it's critical to get the data right. Integrate all your CRM and 1st-Party services to build a unified view of your customers across channels.


Your customers, your data, your model. Begin aggregating insight from your customers’ behaviors to predict churn, retention, or propensity. React to dynamic audiences in real-time with greater relevance and precision.


Translate insights to action! A predictive score is valuable. is the only company that activates powerful engagement options to increase sales, decrease acquisition costs, and improve efficiency.